About us

Ms. Nadine Brown, PIOJ (at podium)

This conference was spearheaded by the Sustainable Rural and Agricultural development ( S/RAD)research cluster at SALISES.

REFRAMING RESILIENCE: Globalization, Agrarian Change And The Challenge Of Sustainable Development In Post Independent Small States In The Commonwealth Caribbean

The remit of the sustainable rural and agricultural development group (S/RAD) is to examine Caribbean independence experiences, to foresight the future face of agriculture and rural spaces, and to plan for the improvement of the quality of life of the peoples in these spaces over the next 50 years.

Through this conference we sought to pull together the process of research, modeling and practical engagement has already begun, supported by our University and international partners and agencies, insufficient attention has been placed on the peculiar challenges facing rural populations and rural- based industries in small states.

Other objectives of this initiative include: strengthening inter-disciplinary research; supporting young scholars; disseminating knowledge engendered through publications as well as launching an internet portal on issues related to Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Resilience in the region. In essence, this conference will afford us the opportunity to disseminate research findings in this area and further build stakeholders' support for ongoing research that addresses the several challenges of sustainable rural and agricultural development.

The overarching research theme and subthemes for our group's activities are highlighted below:


  1. Globalization, Climate Change, and the Future of Agriculture and Rural Development
  2. Vulnerability, Climate Change, Risk and Resilience
  3. Effective Resource and Risk Management for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
  4. Integrated spatial development for rural resilience: The role of the non-farm economy and rural enterprise growth
  5. Policy and aid Processes
  6. Globalization, Governance and the 'Will to Improve'