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May 9-11, 2012

Opening Ceremony - Mona Visitor's Lodge and Conference Centre Conference Sessions - The Jamaica Pegasus

The English-speaking Caribbean will start celebrating 50 years of independence in 2012. In reflecting on this and seeking to address the next 50 years, SALISES has implemented an initiative entitled * Fifty-Fifty: Critical Reflections in a Time of Uncertainty . As part of this initiative, a research group on Sustainable Rural and Agricultural Development (S/RAD) was formed, and has undertaken to host this international conference on Globalization, Climate Change and Rural Resilience . Through this initiative we hope to contribute to anticipating the future face of agriculture and rural spaces and plan for their resilience in the face of many uncertainties associated with Climate Change and Globalization.

We believe that a conference such as this, (which reflects a collaborative effort between faculty in the Department of Physics, Geography, Economics and the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies, at the University of the West Indies, Mona, alongside a partnership with, C-Change Canada Caribbean, the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, is indispensable for mapping our possible futures. Through an engagement such as this, we hope to place Caribbean small states in a better position to refashion their futures through well targeted and cooperative research and innovation processes.

This process of re-positioning needs to be done quickly however, whilst simultaneously engaging with the pressures and risks all independent small states face under globalization, given its competitive pressures and ongoing instabilities. Rural spaces in these states (which typically reflect the highest intra-state poverty rates) are however especially challenged by a spectrum of changes, ranging from climate induced changes in the ecosystem to socioeconomic impacts such as the triple F crises (global food, fuel and financial shocks). Effectively addressing these challenges will require multiple approaches to sustainable development, accelerated innovation activity and a special sensitivity to the interdependencies between sectors, especially for example, between the farm and the non-farm economy- such as the service and manufacturing activities in rural spaces... READ MORE [ + ]


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